Club Participation

Q: I am a lonely runner who does not run with a Club.  Can I participate in the Mayor’s Cup?

>A: We agree that one is the loneliest number…so this year, we have an opportunity for a (very) limited number of club-less runners to participate. How does it work? Register as “Unaffiliated”.  We suggest you use the time before Race Day to come out to other Mayor’s Cup events, meet some of the clubs in this city, and make some new friends. You can also find a club online; when you find a club that you click with, you can transfer to their team. If you’re still club-less on Race Day, you will be allowed to run unaffiliated and check out some of the clubs in the Athlete Village, but will not be eligible to score for a team. You can also participate in in the Mayor’s Cup by volunteering!

Q: During my childhood growing up on Evergreen Terrace back in Springfield, my friends and I started a club in my treehouse called the No Homers Club.  We are still friends and have recently gotten into distance running.  Can the No Homers Club enter the Mayor’s Cup?

A: No, the Mayor’s Cup is only open to clubs based in Philadelphia whose primary purpose is running, and who exist for reasons other than to participate in the Mayor’s Cup.  If you feel your Club meets those requirements, please contact the Race Directors at to set up your club.  As an aside, creating a club specifically to exclude Homer is rude.

Q: While competing in races, I like to dress as my favorite Star Wars character, R2-D2, to really emphasize my individuality.  Can I run in the Mayor’s Cup in my costume?

A: While we won’t prohibit you from running in costume, we would prefer that you dress like your Running Club (i.e., a Running Club Shirt) and show pride in your team.  Don’t be an ‘A’ hole.

Q: I’m a lunatic ultramarathoner who enjoys running multiple races on the same day.  Can I enter more than one event in the Mayor’s Cup?

A: Since the races occur simultaneously, it is not possible to enter more than one event.  Unless you are Jay Garrick.

Q: To prove my self-worth, I enjoy receiving medals for completing races.  Will I receive a medal for competing in the Mayor’s Cup?

A: No, individual awards will not be given out.  Instead, you will receive the pride of knowing that you gave your all to represent your running club.

 Pre-Race Preparation

Q: I signed up for the half marathon, but instead of training, I spent all spring eating pints of Rocky Road and watching reruns of women’s gymnastic from the 1992 Olympics.  I love Kim Zmeskal.  Can I get a refund on my registration fee?

A: I’m sorry but refunds are not offered.  If you don’t think you can do the half marathon, you can transfer to a less imposing distance (as long as the cap for that distance has not been reached).  

Q: What happens if it rains?  What happens if it is hot out?

A: This is August.  It will probably be hot, and it could rain.  This event is rain, shine, or super-sunshine.  In the event of extreme weather beyond our control, we are at the mercy of the weather-Gods and the safety-decisions of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation for event adaptations or cancellations, and we will communicate any safety measures in a timely fashion. 

Q: When and where can I pick up my packet?

A: Race Headquarters, starting 1.5 hours before the half marathon (6:00am), and throughout the day.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your event.  Not every question and answer has to be funny!

Q: I plan to drive to the race.  Where should I park?

A: Parking in and around Belmont Plateau is extremely limited.  All runners are encouraged to use alternate transportation to get to the start line. SEPTA bus lines operate or terminate near northern West Fairmount Park. You can also run (warm up for a half marathon, anyone?) or bike to the start. 

Q: Can I get the Mayor’s Cup logo on any apparel besides the official singlet?  I was hoping to get my boyfriend a Mayor’s Cup bowtie.

A: Besides the singlets that are available for order here, Mayor’s cup merchandise (or merch, as the cool kids say these days), will not be available.  Maybe next year we will have an on-site department store.

Q: Are strollers or dogs allowed in the Mayor’s Cup?

A: Unfortunately, no.  Due to the nature of the course, strollers and dogs are not permitted for safety reasons.

Q: Where should I go during Race Day if I have a questions?

A: Our Volunteer Race Day Captain will be manning our information table during The Mayor’s Cup at the Start/Finish area.  Visit him/her if you have questions, or just want a hug (hug availability will be at the discretion of the volunteer.)

Q: Is this Course Certified?  Will I set a PR?

A: No, the Mayor’s Cup courses will not be certified, and none of the courses are fast, flat courses.  That being said, it is possible that you will PR in the 6.27 mile distance. You can expect all courses to be close to advertised, but we think this is about racing other teams, not reaching for personal goals.

Q: What are the exact courses? Where are the Aid Stations?

A: You can find basic descriptions of each course, and approximate Aid Stations on The Mayor’s Cup Events Page.  Please check back closer to Race Day for course maps , more thorough descriptions, and specific locations for each Aid Station.  

Q: What does my entry fee pay for? 

A: Real talk: your entry fee pays for entry.  This race is 100% volunteer coordinated, and focused on clubs, not sponsors.  We are doing everything we can to keep costs low, and charging entry fees to cover them.  We’re giving you the option of buying a (pretty sweet) singlet instead of an included (cheap) t-shirt so that you only pay for it if you want it, and we are not offering individual medals because you are competing for your team, not yourself.  If participation far exceeds expectations, additional funds will be donated to one (or more) of the Mayor’s Cup Charities. 

Q: Is this Race accessible for athletes with disabilities? 

A: It depends. While we are happy to offer guide spots to runners and are open to additional accommodations, there are some unavoidable elements of the courses that could be challenging for some athletes with disabilities. If you believe you might need some accommodations, please reach out to the race as early as possible to ensure  time for a mutually acceptable plan for participation.  

Post-Race Information

Q: After I race, I like a pint of Cookies & Cream Ice Cream and pretzels.  Will there be any available at the post-race party?

A: The post-race party will be a potluck hosted by the participating running clubs.  If you really want ice cream, you should talk your Team Captain into providing it.  And some spoons.

Q: After the race I will want to relax by laying out in the sun and reading a few chapters of War & Peace.  Can I check a bag containing a change of clothes, a book, and other gear?

A: While we are not offering a general bag-check area, we encourage you to talk with your Team Captain about a space to leave bags in your team’s area.

Q: How do I know that I won?

A: Results will be posted on-site and online as soon as they are available.  Please remember that while you will be able to find your individual finishing information, it’s the Team Scores that count here.

Q: Please help! I ran your so-called race, and I just checked the results and I am not listed.  Don’t you know how hard I trained for this?  You people are terrible.

A: Run The Day will be timing and scoring our race.  Unfortunately, technology is not 100% reliable, and the main timing mat could miss a chip.  There will be mistakes; please try not to panic.  There are back-ups in place; if you think there is an error, just contact Tim at Run The Day.

Alternate Types of Participation,

Q: Instead of running in the Mayor’s Cup, can I volunteer at packet pick-up or at a water stop?

A: Yes!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Register here to volunteer.

>Q: I am injured/out of shape/don’t want to run your race, but I want to come out and cheer on my fellow clubmates/the random girl I met at a bar.  Can I watch?

A: Yes! We highly encourage club members who are not competing to come out and cheer on the runners. Supporting your team IS participating with your team.  Non club-members are welcome to come out an cheer as well.  We encourage spectators to focus on the start/finish area so they can provide support to runners in all race distances.

“The reason we race isn't so much to beat each's to be with each other.”

– Christopher McDougall

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Mayor's Cup Photo Credit: Elizabeth Encarnacion, Mike Searer, Libby Maver, James Goode