Registration for 2017 is CLOSED. There is no Race Day Registration; if you missed registration, please come out to cheer or sign up to Volunteer.

  • Getting to Belmont Plateau

    Parking on the Plateau is very limited. When possible, we recommend alternative methods for getting out to the race:

    • Public Transportation: Several Septa bus routes run close to the park (including the 38, 40, 43, and 65), and the 15 will drop you off about 1 mile from the start line. Check before race morning for any potential delays or detours.
    • Personal Bike: If you choose to ride your own bike out, leave a little extra time to find a safe spot to lock it up – there are options, but it can sometimes take a little creativity. If you have someone from your club watching the stuff at your area in the Athlete Village, you can ask them if they feel comfortable keeping your bike over there.
    • Uber or Cabs: Cabs are relatively available in the city; from the park, you will need to either call one or utilize the Uber App.

    If you HAVE to drive (carpool, if possible), this is the situation:

    • There is public parking in a small lot on Belmont Mansion Rd, as well as in the Car Barn Lot off of Montgomery Drive (between Belmont Ave & MLK Drive). There are limited spots in these lots; I recommend leaving plenty of time for an alternative option in case you cannot park in either.
    • Other options within a mile of the start can be found at the Horticultural Center, as street parking by the  Please Touch Museum/Memorial Hall, or on N. Georges Hill Dr (by the Mann Center).
    • The Army Rd parking lot on Belmont Mansion Drive will be reserved for event staff and for Club Captains to distribute to the club members responsible for bringing their items for the Athlete Village. Cars will not be able to access (in or out) this lot between 6:30am and the close of race (11:00am); a parking permit will be required for access prior to 6:30am.

    Athlete Village

    This is where the running ends, and the celebration begins!

     – Pop up tents, blankets, etc, are encouraged for your comfort, but not required
     – Please make sure that your setup is not tearing up the grass or in any way damaging the property.
     – Food and beverage is fair game (and highly recommended!) – we encourage sharing your surplus with other teams to get to know each other!
     – Please be respectful of any group electing not to have alcohol in their area
     – We are generally trusting of our running community, but you leave items in your group area at your own risk.
     If you aren’t sure if you can do it in Fairmount Park, here are all the rules:
    You can find a map of the Plateau (including parking lots, check-in area, and porta-potty locations) here:

    The Races:

    Race start time have staggered starts to allow most runners to end within 2 hours of each other. Start times:

    Half Marathon Trail Race: 6:30am
    10 Mile Road Race: 7:30am
    10K Trail Race (Men): 8:15am*
    10K Trail Race (Women): 8:25am*
    5 Mile Road Race: 8:45am
    5K Cross Country: 9:15am

    *The 10K will have a staggered start, with men starting 10 minutes prior to women to reduce crowding on the single-track trails.

    Courses: The 5K, 5 Miler, and 10 Miler courses are identical to the 2016 courses. The 10K and Half Marathon trail courses have very minor updates to adjust to new trail sections. 2016 Course maps can be found here:

    Course Markings:

    Colored Direction Signs: All large direction signs will be marked with colored arrows. The color on your race bib indicates the color of your race distance; this will also be the color you should follow on the signs.

    Trail and Plateau Markings: For the loop around the plateau (each race will complete at least 3/4 of a loop to finish their race) and the trail courses, directions will be marked with orange cones, colored discs (on the ground), and orange surveyor flags.

    Runner Tracking with RaceJoy:

    Want to “watch” your teammates race out on course? Runners with their phones can download the (free) RaceJoy App. The app allows you to watch multiple teammates in real-time with GPS tracking and splits, as well as giving you the option to send them virtual “cheers” along the way. Bonus: All course are loaded into RaceJoy, so in the event that you are concerned you’re off-course, you can view your location in relation to the course. View the “How-To” on RaceJoy.

“My friends know me well...but my teammates, they've seen me at the crack of dawn, no makeup on, sweating, bloody, dirty and on the verge of puking, yet they never let me down or leave my side.”

- Anonymous (but gets it)

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